Going Au Naturel? 5 tips on how to mix the modern with the mellow

Lets face it, mixing modern with mellow can be a design challenge. Introducing an all natural, relaxing, wooden furniture piece into your thoroughly modern space can make or break a room.  These helpful hints and tips will set you on the right path.


Now you can just relax and enjoy yourself.  Design is more about joyfulness and expressing yourself than ever before.  Do not worry about the stringent rules of days gone by, instead, trust your instincts and go with what makes you happy.


The last thing you want is for your space to look like it was shipped directly from the showroom floor. Adding an unexpected piece like our Bebas Coffee Table will create an element of surprise and get you noticed.


Too much mixing can work against you, creating a cluttered, disorganized look. You are going for bold contrast that speaks to your confident nature, not a mish-mash of styles that creates confusion. Bring in one dynamic piece and build harmony by accenting with a few softer, more organic accessories.


Modern rooms can look severe and rigid without a contrast to mellow them out. Adding in pieces with softer lines like a pair of our Bundar Side Tables will change the tone of your space and help to balance out the sleek and angular mood created by modern furniture. Organic elements add warmth and calming energy to a room with a more serious spirit and can help to strike a more informal tone. Top them off with a set of eclectic table lamps to create a supercool vibe that sets your space apart from the everyday.


Most people have a variety of design aesthetics they want to incorporate into their homes. Transitional areas will help make the jump in styles less abrupt. Heading from your modern living room to your more traditional kitchen?  Combining elements of both styles in the dining room or hallway will create the perfect segue between your contrasting rooms.  Our Kotak Stool paired with a contemporary chrome and glass console table is perfect. Create flow between the two rooms by mixing in elements from each.  A transitional space really allows for your creative juices to start flowing.

Our entire Natura Collection is available now. Made from solid teak, each piece is as unique and original as you are. When you are ready to go Au Natural and bring some mellow into your busy, modern life Style In Form has you covered.


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